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For a very affordable solution, we can give your e-business network solution unparalleled security, scalability and reliability with IP Virtual Private Networks (IP VPNs). Best of all, you have no costly investments in building and managing a network or infrastructure. With little at risk, and everything to gain, our IP VPN offers the best e-business network solution by delivering the attributes of a private data network within a shared network infrastructure. It offers enterprise-class scalability that can reach across multiple IP-based infrastructures, along with many of the performance and security characteristics traditionally found only in dedicated private environments. IP VPNs play an important role in today’s enterprises by providing the ability to deploy a cost-effective networking solution. IP VPNs offer flexible architectural options that harness the strength and reach of IP networks and provide simplified, secure, and scalable connectivity. Additionally, businesses can leverage their existing IP network infrastructure, thereby maximizing the return on investment and minimizing the total cost of ownership.

Case Study: AT&T Cellular One


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