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When planning for telecommunication requirements, equipment and application shelf life must be at the top of list for consideration. The longevity of your investment is directly proportional to both your short- and long-term business objectives. The telecommunications world is changing so rapidly that cutting-edge technology today is old news tomorrow. In order to ensure that long-term needs are fully accounted for, we will consult directly with you and take an active Administrative role in planning, coordinating, and implementing your next telecommunication project.

Our team has over 100 years combined experience in the technology industry. All Senior Consultants have extensive management experience and documented success while working for Fortune 500 companies. Our senior consultants have had leadership positions in sales, engineering, operations, and/or customer service.

Our Project Management functions can be customized to meet your needs, but could consist of Telecom or Data Network Analysis, Bill Resolution, Technology Reviews, Network or System Designs, RFP (Request For Proposal) Preparation and Evaluation, Vendor Assessment, Vendor Negotiations and Selection, Contract Negotiations, Project Implementation, and even Life Cycle Management.

Telephony Analysis and Bill Resolution
Many companies, both large and small, have a difficult time understanding their telephone bill. The one thing every company should know, however, is that Local Exchange Carriers and Long Distance Providers don't always have customize packages that fit your needs. You maybe paying charges for services you don't use or overcharged for services you are using. Our team of experts will analyze your bill and generate detailed reports your service vendor will understand. We know how to compile and document this information, to get you the bill credits that your company deserves.

Technology Review
Today's technology is advancing almost every day. Our next step in your project evolution is to take a long hard look at which technologies will best fit your business model. Our team is well informed about new communications technologies and has the skills to transfer that knowledge to your staff. We ensure proper evaluation is completed on both your current and new products and services prior to considering them as part of your total solution. Our goal is to ensure that all available technology is considered that can meet your needs and is stable enough to deliver ultimate value.

Telecommunication System Design
Understanding your needs and matching the most appropriate suppliers and solutions to those needs is a critical step along the path to delivering reduced costs and increased efficiency to your business. A change to a critical component of your business requires precise planning to ensure that transitions are smooth and objectives are met. Our team of experts prepares detailed Request for Proposals (RFP)'s based on information identified in our Technology Review and consultation with your internal Subject Matter Experts. Once the deadline is reached for vendors to have their proposal in house, we will begin the arduous process of assessment and selection.

Vendor Assessment
Our experienced assessment team will ensure that Vendor inquiries are addressed in a professional manner, responses are properly prepared, comparable and in the appropriate format. After the preliminary vendor elimination is completed, we will begin the process of evaluating the remaining vendors themselves to ensure they will satisfy project objectives and budgetary constraints. During our assessment process, we perform our due diligence comparing Vendor pricing, detailing Vendor history, understanding Vendor training capabilities, contacting trade references, reviewing maintenance agreements, business continuity plans and contract language.

Vendor Negotiation and Selection
Following evaluation and assessments of vendors that fit your criteria, further negotiation may be considered to ensure all needs are met at an appropriate cost. Our diverse industry background is sure to give your firm confidence that this process delivers the information your firm needs to select the right vendor and negotiate the optimal solution for your business success.

Project Management
Our ultimate goal is to work as a unified team to produce satisfactory results at the best price and highest quality. Our team will manage the execution of your project plan with precision and minimum disruption to your business. Scheduling, procurement satisfaction, installation, training and continuing service procedures are all a part of the implementation process that our team of Consultants manage for you.


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