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Business Continuity

Your employees are your most valuable corporate asset, however your Information Technology is the heart and pulse of your business. Your employees productivity and your company growth is dependent on the ability to communicate accurate information to your internal staff and your customer base. A minor or major disruption in your company's communication flow can result in a disruption to productivity that could cost you as much as $84,000 an hour and more. This is when TIME becomes an important variable to the continued success or failure of your organization. Studies have shown that companies without well conceived and tested Business Continuity plans often go out of business within two years after a major outage to primary and support systems. The need to ensure business continuity and recoverability has never been more apparent in today's tumultuous world climate.

Our team of Business Continuity planners have years of experience identifying areas of vulnerability within many fortune 500 companies. We recognize that in today's world, planning is an absolute necessity. In fact, many industry regulatory bodies and insurance underwriters mandate proof of recoverability. Also, Court rulings have allowed companies to attach the personal assets of lower level corporate managers when corporate officers or shareholders can prove a lack of due diligence in recovery planning.

Our team will analyze the areas of potential risk to your telecommunications network, power sources, computer hardware and software, cabling, access circuits, wide area networks, key personnel escape routes, internal disaster protection and other areas of vulnerability for the development of an extensive recovery plan for your organization. Next, we will determine whether your facility would require relocating to a hotsite if your primary processing unit is destroyed or unavailable during a crisis. Then we will interview key management personnel to determine the best plan for a clear chain of command and management succession. This is to allow for the making of timely decisions to help minimize losses, assess situations and act toward resuming critical functions. We will work with you to make sure that you have the right Business Continuity plan in place, one that is consistent with the priorities of your Business


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