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Implementing a functional, efficient corporate network infrastructure is by far one of the most difficult tasks facing corporations and organizations, today. The problem is further complicated by the complex internetworking of service-specific networks such as Frame Relay, ATM, and IP. In addition, most organizations have restraints on capital spending.

You need a design that will support your company's high volume critical information exchanges, as well as your occasional use applications. You know this must be done it in a way that provides operating efficiency, and still makes financial sense. TSI&C can help you identify and evaluate the optimal solutions. Whether it's DSL, T1, VPN and IP/Frame, ATM or a combination of the preceding, we can help you optimize your existing network, or customize and design a new efficient, and cost effective network that your business can depend on.

Be sure your network is "working" to provide the maximum benefit to your organization. Our networking consultants have designed solutions utilizing all the latest technologies, and we have experience with networks exceeding 1000 locations.

Our Network Engineers are experienced and capable of providing the following services:

  • Technology Evaluation and Planning
  • Network Design /Engineering Review
  • Network Migrations/Updates
  • Router/Switch Configuration Security Assessment
  • Cost Efficiency Audit
  • Implementation - weekly meetings & detailed reports provided
  • Post Implementation Support - designed to support your individual requirements.

Learning to make the most of your Internet connection, whether it's for communication, research, marketing, or publishing, can be a real challenge. With the recent proliferation of Internet Service Providers, the range of connectivity options and prices has become overwhelming. We can help you evaluate your vendor and bandwidth options to insure that your business is "UP", operational, and available for your employees, customers, and business partners, when they need it. Your Corporate Information network is more critical to your business operations than ever before. Network outages and security lapses can be devastating. The potential savings of IP telephony can bring real value to your business. If you need some assistance putting together a customized solution for your business, we can help.

We can provide everything from Security Consulting to IP Telephony Network Assessment to LAN/WAN Planning and Design. We have experienced consultants and network consulting engineers skilled in the MultiFinder, multi-location and multi-technology environment of today's networks.

Our Internet Design Engineers team can help you take advantage of the power of the Internet. Do you want to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business by meeting the network demands of today and tomorrow with high-speed, high-capacity information exchange. You can send and receive digital information of all kinds - voice, data, video, and fax - over a secure, reliable, global network to take advantage of capabilities such as video-conferencing, batch file transfer, multimedia applications, VOIP, imaging, and Internet access.


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